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California Takes Control Thermostats

Again, The People’s Republic of California has come up with something insane. They want to replace the thermostat in your home with one the government can control to change your heating and cooling during times of peak cooling and heating. On the surface, that sounds like a great idea. The concept has been around since the energy crunch of the 70’s.

Why is this plan not being accepted with open arms? The single reason is, it’s the government that is doing the implementing. For decades water heaters have been attached to a device that turns it off during times of peak demand. When properly implemented, you never know the device is there. One of the attractive features of having such a device is that they offer you a discount in your electrical rate. With the government controlling anything in your home, its just simply big brother at its worse. You get nothing from the installation, other than the satisfaction that the government may some day leave you freezing or sweltering.

The logic behind this is to avoid the rolling blackouts that we too often hear about in California. Wouldn’t the most logical, and least evasive, plan deal with repairing the cause of the rolling blackouts? Rolling blackouts are due to lack of generating capacity. The simple fix is to build more generating plants. They could buy from other power companies, but during steamy summers, you just can’t depend on your neighbors for extra electricity. The simple solution is to build more plants.

In California that is more easily said than done. They have some of the strictest environmental laws in the country. When they do build new plants, its typically natural gas fired plants. Natural gas is much more expensive than some of its counterparts such as coal and nuclear.

Watch California and you will see the future. With the global warming fear you will see the world and the USA begin to adapt some of the same policies that are crippling the California power system. You will someday see the federal government wanting to take control of the energy devices in your home. Big Brother is not as far off as we once imagined it to be. The senseless fear created by global warming is going to cause people to accept such intrusions as this. Might this be the cause of the fear mongering?