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Polar Bears Flourish

As I have stated many times there seems to be no conclusion by the majority of scientist on man made global warming. Yet, the schools, the
government, and a ton of organizations are promoting it as if it’s a forgone conclusion. We hear all too often, “The debate is over.” If that’s true, then this website, and thousands like it, wouldn’t exist. It’s fine to agree or disagree on the subject, but shouldn’t we draw the line when it comes to children? For the children there should be no end to debates.

Isn’t it only fair to give children both sides of the subject, the pros and cons? That’s not happening. Such websites as the National Resources Defense Council put out documents that are directed at children and are intended to misguide them. For several years now we have seen the photo of polar bears frolicking on a melting iceberg with captions stating that the polar bears are drowning due to global warming. It easy to believe the caption when you see the lone bears in a huge ocean as the iceberg slowly melts into the sea.

I am sure some polar bears are drowning, but I suspect that happened long before global warming. Polar bears can, and do, swim for a 100 KM. The bears in that photo swam safely back to a place where they could find more ice.

Too often we hear about the demise of the polar bear while the Inuits, as recently as last year, disputed the declining numbers and said there are increases in the population. The Inuits claim that counting polar bear numbers from the air provides inaccurate numbers. Who should know this better than the Inuits?

What if global warming does cause the extinction of the polar bear? I’m sure no one wants that, but the extinction of any species is a possibility, even that of Homo Sapiens. There has been the extinction of over 1 million species of which we know. There are probably more since there are possibly 2 million species yet to be discovered. The polar bear has not always existed. It is only a form of the grizzly that evolved to live in the colder climates as the ice age approached.

The government of the USA for years has been promoting an environmental extremist agenda. Several years ago I was required to enter the WIA (Workforce Investment Act) program. We sometimes took written test and they were usually fictitious scenarios dealing with some aspect of recycling or the environment. Loggers and manufactures were always put in a negative light. If the government is taking this approach with adults, I can only imagine what they are teaching the children. To instill something in the mind of our children, you don’t have to present it directly.

We have got to take care of our children’s minds and present them with all sides to any problem. Doing anything short of that is a crime. The debate is not over; there is no consensus.