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Wind, the next panacea

posted Feb 22, 2012, 2:15 PM by TL Crain   [ updated Feb 23, 2012, 6:03 AM ]

Every time you turn on the news all you hear is about Rockville, Missouri’s announcement that they are running on 100% wind power. How wonderful that sounds. It makes every citizen in the world and run out and want to urge their local government to do the same. Then there are the logical few that stop to look at this panacea.

I’m not sure where you live, but the wind never blows 100% of the time in any of the places that I know of. I’m not sure there is more than a hand full of exotic places where it does, if any. At this time I couldn’t find what percentage of the time that the wind blows in Rockville, Missouri. I’ve heard it’s as low as 10% and I will bet that it’s not over 50% of the time. This is actually wind that can generate electricity.

This makes me curious, just where do they get the power when the wind isn’t blowing? I have read that they can store it as hydrogen, which is feasible, but as of yet I have read nothing that indicates any storage. So what does Rockville, Missouri do on the days the wind doesn’t blow? My guess is they use the same power the rest of us use, coal, nuclear, and natural gas.

It’s not that I have anything against wind; in fact I welcome it where it’s cost effective. There are few areas across the USA that can use wind power effectively. There are places such as where I live, South Carolina, that wind is pretty much useless for producing electricity. Our coast is the only viable area for wind power generation.

We need to look realistically at all forms of energy, wind is just one of them, but might the money be better spent to build nuclear power plants? In my state, South Carolina, we will be building nuclear power plants while everyone else is building these feel-good windmills.  In South Carolina we already produce 51% of our electricity with nuclear. We will be producing your power when those turbines are not turning in windless skies. We will be charging your electric cars while the windmills sit idle. There is only one reason windmills exist in today’s word, and that is because it has zero carbon emissions. If you want to jump on the windmill bandwagon then buy enough batteries so that you can have power when there is no wind, or live without power until the wind sees fit to blow again. You will only see windmills when there are government subsidies.

Every time we turn on the television there is some democrat telling us that we need more wind and solar. They want us to be free of oil. That is global warming talk, not energy independence. It takes all forms of fuel to free us from importation of energy. That includes oil, and lots of it. If wind was a viable energy source, don’t you think every electric company in the world would be building towers in mass? Imagine they could sell you electricity when it cost them almost nothing to produce it. Do you think they want to build coal-powered plants just because it’s dirtier, or that so they can make less money? Anytime you stop and look at this logically you can see the holes in most of the leftist energy policies.

Every save the world idea coming from the left requires electricity. Wind will not do it. Solar is decades away. Nuclear is the only viable clean source of electricity we have. The left surely aren’t going to tell us to build new nuclear power plants. Take this all in account when you go the ballot box.